Here's some Illustration & Design

MLS Bomberman

I was contacted by Major League Soccer (MLS) to create a bunch of sprites for a Bomberman-inspired video they were putting together.

I got to pixelate Pirlo and Villa from NYCFC, dos Santos and Gerrard from the LA Galaxy, as well as the soccer ball, field, and ensuing explosions.

It was a blast working on the project, and the After Effects wizardry MLS used to create the video is amazing. Plus, the video was viewed over half a million times on Facebook alone, so the exposure was incredible!


Boys With Big Decks Logo

How do you say no when someone approaches you with this company name and asks you to make a logo for them?

You can’t. So I did. This is the result.

Rather than focus on the “boys” part, we went for a big, sturdy looking logo with a circular saw blade to give it a bit of an edge.

2014 Movember Poster

2014 was my fourth year participating in Movember — the annual charity event where men are encouraged to grow a moustache and raise funds for prostate cancer research.

I’ve created a poster each year as a part of my campaign, and this year I decided to tie the poster into my +3XP YouTube channel, as the two other members of +3XP were also participating in Movember.

The poster features heroes and heroines from every era of video game history rocking some sexy upper-lip hair.

You can order a poster at, or support our campaign directly at Logo Redesign

After an extensive site redesign process, there was still an element that needed to be addressed on the website — the logo.

The owner of the site was looking for two things: a less prominent “WS” (and as a result, a more prominent “Sports”), and a connecting thread between the old logo and the new. The latter was accomplished by bringing the blue cityscape into the new logo, but at a different, isometric view.

You can check out the new logo in the wild on, or on the social media outlets — Facebook and Twitter.

Pre-Historic Pistons Pugilists – Desktop Background

As part of my contract with Sports.WSwhich resulted in the creation of approximately 500 NBA player pixel portraits — I was also commissioned to create a desktop background of… well, here’s what it said in the contract:

“1 8-bit, wallpaper-sized image of Darko Milicic and Andre Drummond fighting cyborg dinosaurs against a prehistoric background in the style of any mid-90s side-scrolling SNES beat-em-up (health bars, included)”

I’d like to think that I fulfilled my contractual duties.