I work with Illustrator

Mo’ Butter Logo

My friend Monique (more commonly known as Momo) started a business selling body butter, and was looking for a logo she could put on her products’ labels. I put the logo together, and based its design on Momo’s appearance – especially her amazing hair. She was extremely happy with the final product.

Astronaut Birthday Invitation

I put together another fun invitation for my son’s 4th birthday. He requested an astronaut theme, so I went all out. The front of the invitation features my son and our dog floating through outer space, and the back was made to look like a NASA mission briefing – complete with a NASA worm logo inspired header. They were a hit with all our family and friends.

Canadian Fruit Tree Logo

I was contacted by a friend to design a logo for a new business they were starting. As you can probably tell by the name, the product was fruit trees, and they requested that the logo be colourful. We went back and forth on a few designs, but in the end, this is what we went ahead with. Both the client and I were very happy with the result.