I work with Illustrator

Sports.ws Logo Redesign

After an extensive site redesign process, there was still an element that needed to be addressed on the Sports.ws website — the logo.

The owner of the site was looking for two things: a less prominent “WS” (and as a result, a more prominent “Sports”), and a connecting thread between the old logo and the new. The latter was accomplished by bringing the blue cityscape into the new logo, but at a different, isometric view.

You can check out the new logo in the wild on Sports.ws, or on the Sports.ws social media outlets — Facebook and Twitter.

GGS Greenhouses – Greenhouse vs. Zombies T-Shirt

I was contracted by GGS Greenhouses to create a t-shirt for the crew that created and starred in the Greenhouse vs. Zombies promotional videos. In the videos — which can be found here, here and here — a horde of zombies are fought off by the staff and features of a state-of-the-art greenhouse.

The front of the shirt was meant to highlight the greenhouse itself (and give off a creepy vibe), while the back of the shirt was meant to feature the company’s logo, and the slogan for the films.

Andrew & Lia Stag and Doe – Ticket

I was asked by my friends Andrew and Lia to put together a ticket design for their upcoming Stag and Doe celebration. They requested a stylized caricature of the two of them in full wedding garb – tuxedos and wedding dresses all around.

It took a little bit of tweaking to get the illustration where they wanted, but in the end, they were very happy with the result. Ticket sales seemed to be very brisk as well!