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2017 Brock University Cube Pals

Brock University was once again attending Fan Expo in Toronto, and given the popularity of the previous year’s models, I decided to continue the tradition for 2017. The Schmon Tower was dropped in favour of a sheet of accessories, and the overall design was tweaked to bring it more in line with comic book art.

The number of people who visited the booth excited to get this year’s models warmed my heart.

Brock Fan Expo Comic 2017

This comic is probably the biggest job I’ve done in a long time. Hand pencilled, inked, digitally coloured, lettered and laid-out, this comic took several weeks to put together. While it was a huge undertaking, the end result is something I’m incredibly proud of.

The comic was designed to look and feel like a 1970s comic. It features a faux-DC front cover, a mail-in ad on the inside front cover, a faux-Twinkies ad on the interior, letters to the editor, and a period-specific toy ad on the back cover. Putting together an even better comic for 2018 will be quite the task.

Brock Fan Expo Program Ad

One of the perks of the Brock’s booth package for Fan Expo is the opportunity to create a full-page ad for the Fan Expo program. The ad was pencilled and inked by hand, digitally coloured and lettered, and mimics the covers of DC comics from the 1970s.

The ad also doubled as the cover for comic book that we gave out at the Brock booth throughout the weekend. As almost every attendee received a program, there were a lot of eyeballs on my work.

Astronaut Birthday Invitation

I put together another fun invitation for my son’s 4th birthday. He requested an astronaut theme, so I went all out. The front of the invitation features my son and our dog floating through outer space, and the back was made to look like a NASA mission briefing – complete with a NASA worm logo inspired header. They were a hit with all our family and friends.

Brock University Cube Pals

As Brock University was attending Fan Expo for the first time in 2016, we needed to make a splash. After weighing a few options for giveaways at the show, we decided that papercraft would be a good fit, as it had a low unit cost, and could be shipped easily.

I created a line of three Brock University-inspired Cube Pals — Sir Isaac Brock, Boomer the Badger, and the Schmon Tower. To say they were a hit would be an understatement. We couldn’t keep the piles stocked fast enough at the show, and they are still in high demand at the university by students and staff alike.

The Isaac Brock and Boomer the Badger Cube Pals are based off a template licensed from Christopher Beaumont at Cubeecraft.com