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Fan Expo 2016 Landing Page

In 2016, Brock University made its first appearance at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Ontario. The goal in all the digital and print materials was to be genuine — speak to the audience as a member of the community, not as a “brand”.

All the videos and print materials directed attendees to this website, which featured excerpts from the comic book that was prepared for the show, downloads of the Brock University Cube Pals, and the ability to enter a contest for a Fan Expo exclusive prize.

The page was designed to be an extension of the print and digital materials for the show, and the bright colours, halftone patterns and illustrations made for a very fun page.

Choose Brock University

This site was created to coincide with a marketing campaign targeting teenagers looking for post-secondary school options. Display, search and contextual ads were created to direct students to brocku.ca/choose, where they could learn more about what sets Brock University apart from other institutions.

The site uses responsive design to dynamically resize the imagery and content to fit on any size screen, as students accessing the site could be using desktops, tablets or phones.

In addition to creating the landing page, I was also able to produce a promotional 15 second pre-roll video for use on YouTube and other video streaming sites.


University Prep Program

The University Prep Program (UPP) is a summer leadership camp for high-school students in Niagara.

The website needed to be fresh, easy to read, and follow a design template already created for print materials.

The site features big imagery for a visual punch, and a responsive design for easy reading on any device.

Boys With Big Decks Website

With an amazing name like Boys With Big Decks, you need an equally impressive website showing off your work.

The client wanted the site to show off recent projects, and have the ability for customers to get a quick quote or contact with more in depth questions.

The responsive site is simple, but has contact information front and centre, and shows off the high-quality, aforementioned Big Decks.

Plus 3 XP Video Archive

My two friends and I thought we would dip our collective toe into the YouTube Let’s Play pool, and Plus 3 XP is the result. If you’re looking for fast-paced gaming action and hilarious (to us, at least) commentary, Plus 3 XP is the YouTube channel for you.

This website is a secondary resource for all our videos (outside YouTube), and features a responsive design, and access to all our most recent videos, as well as videos sorted by game.

You can visit our website at plus3xp.com, or visit us on YouTube at youtube.com/plus3xp.

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