I work with Illustrator

Arcade Graphics

I’ve been working on an arcade cabinet for… a while… but I’m getting close to finishing up, and figured I needed some vinyl graphics to dress up the sides of the cabinet. And here they are! Inspired by the classic Donkey Kong Jr. cabinets, this beauty features Mikey, Kate, a little green alien, and me in overalls – what more could you ask for?


About a year ago I got a recommended video on YouTube for a Japanese pop song from 1984 – Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi. It was catchy so I dove a little deeper and learned about City Pop – the soundtrack of Japan’s late 70s and 80s (it’s also the basis of a lot of Vaporwave stuff from the recent past). A common companion to City Pop is the art of Hiroshi Nagai (@hiroshipenguinjoe) whose illustrations graced countless album covers of the time. I absolutely love his work, so I decided to try my hand at his style with a few illustrations of my own.

Merry Christmas!

Inspired by the Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers Christmas album “Once Upon a Christmas”, I put this little illustration together to wish a very Merry Christmas from my family to you and yours.

Top Music for 2019

Rather than post my Spotify Wrapped graphic like everyone else in the world, I decided to do some illustrations of some of my favourite artists and tracks of the year. These songs/albums were ones I listened to the most over the course of the year – even if some of them technically came out in 2018. I never claimed to be on the cutting edge.