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Astronaut Birthday Invitation

I put together another fun invitation for my son’s 4th birthday. He requested an astronaut theme, so I went all out. The front of the invitation features my son and our dog floating through outer space, and the back was made to look like a NASA mission briefing – complete with a NASA worm logo inspired header. They were a hit with all our family and friends.

Brock University Cube Pals

As Brock University was attending Fan Expo for the first time in 2016, we needed to make a splash. After weighing a few options for giveaways at the show, we decided that papercraft would be a good fit, as it had a low unit cost, and could be shipped easily.

I created a line of three Brock University-inspired Cube Pals — Sir Isaac Brock, Boomer the Badger, and the Schmon Tower. To say they were a hit would be an understatement. We couldn’t keep the piles stocked fast enough at the show, and they are still in high demand at the university by students and staff alike.

The Isaac Brock and Boomer the Badger Cube Pals are based off a template licensed from Christopher Beaumont at Cubeecraft.com

Justice League Invitation

My son is obsessed with superheroes, and with his birthday quickly approaching, I figured his party invitations should reflect that. Based heavily on Kevin Maguire’s Justice League covers from the 1980s, I dropped Mikey in between the big 7 of the DC universe — Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.

I used Blambot’s exceptional comic fonts on the back of the invitation to create a logo for the party, and lay out the event details.

The response from my “client” — Mikey — has been extremely positive, and while it pained me to have Batman smiling, sometimes you need to put your client’s needs above your own.

LA Galaxy Holiday Party

After an upsetting exit from the MLS Cup playoffs in the first round, the LA Galaxy were left with an empty stadium for the night of the MLS Cup. Why not throw a Holiday Party?

The Galaxy wanted a cheeky promo video that was heavily inspired by early Internet eCards. Throw in a little bit of pixel art, and this is the final result!


MLS Backyard Soccer Promo

Did you play Backyard Soccer on the PC when you were a kid? Are you excited for the 2015 MLS Cup Playoffs? Well, then this is the promo for you!

Featuring stars from every team in the league, and a selection screen for those that cracked the playoffs, this video captures the style and fun of the game while spotlighting today’s superstars.